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Could someone please describe the app "things" to me, please

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The calendar on my iPad seems like it is so bland, no way to make multiple events on one day stand out from one another (like color change, etc.).


So, these events all blend together and really don't stand out as things to do. Any apps out there for calendars that really let you do some customization or at least make things stand out individually (on the monthly, for example). Thanks for the help

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Trying to decide if it is worth the money to me.

IMHO it is way overpriced, I have an app for my iphone that cost 99c and does exactly what Things does and is super easy to use. However it doesn't have an iPad version, so I can't be helpful except to suggest that you look at other similar apps which cost less and compare features.


Can't help with the calender sorry, we use the main calender and have it sync with all our Google calenders to keep all our family appointments in one spot.

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