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My BIL entered an HGTV video entry

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Thank you so much, you and everyone else who has been helping.


In the video the extended family he talks about my in-laws helping is my mom. My stepfather died suddenly in September and they let her stay there several weeks after he died so that she didn't have to sleep in the same bed he just passed in. I stayed down there with her for two weeks. Now they are letting me and my children stay there while my husband stays up her in a free room. Our goal is to buy a larger house in a few months so that my mom and brother can move out of their section 8 housing and in with us. Before that their parents stayed there when they had no place to go and so on and so forth.


My in-laws have used this house to help so many of us get back on our feet or improve our situations. It's also served just as a relaxing get-away for all of us for a weekend or so. I really believe that they deserve a shot at winning this to help pay them back for all the generosity they've shown us over the years.

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