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Word problems, vintage

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Love the name of the book -- Intellectual Algebra!


Quite a few of the early problems (p 16-31 in the download, p 7-22 in the text's numbering) seemed boringly easy to me, matters of halves and doubling.


The later problems do not strike me as Singapore CWP ish because they rely explicitly on algebraic expression such as What is the square of 3x + 4 or whatever. And the method of solution that is given in the text is algebraic, whereas Singapore relies on bar diagrams and other ways of solving without using algebra. So I am not sure it is a good substitute for Singapore in this case.


I'm sure you could find some interesting sources of problems.


Maybe this?


Arithmetic Vol 1 by Young & Jackson


Arithmetic by Colburn

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Thanks for the links. I'll print off a few pages today and chew on them. :)


I am looking at pp. 32 and 33 right now (of the Tower text) . Here's an example of what I wonder to be Singapore-ish:


#21-- "The sum of two numbers is fifty, and the greater is only ten less than four times the smaller. What are the numbers?"


#24--"The sum of two numbers is sixty-seven, and the greater lacks five of being seven times the smaller. What are the numbers?"


Editing to add...


Maybe I haven't had enough coffee this morning, so I'm a bit slow on the uptake.

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Did you see that they are meant to be done orally, with no visual aids, including all of the algebraic steps to solve them, as the program was originally developed for the blind? I think the intention of the book is different, and this may be why so many of the problems seem easy and obvious, because the students are working on the difficult task of holding everything in mind while orally delineating how the problem is solved. I wouldn't use it as a substitute for Singapore, but it sure is interesting. Thanks for sharing it!

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