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MCT Second Editions: A message from Publisher, Dr Tom Kemnitz


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A major revision OF GRAMMAR ISLAND AND GRAMMAR TOWN, and a special price for those who already bought them.


Through his continued teaching of children, Michael Clay Thompson has seen repeated patterns of confusion about specific points of grammar. When that is the case, he knows that the text is not addressing these points adequately. Michael wanted to strengthen Grammar Island and Grammar Town in the Elementary Grammar series to end some persistent areas of confusion.


Since he first produced Grammar Island and Grammar Town, Michael has experienced first-hand some of the difficulties teachers face introducing his approach, and he has gained a large audience of home educators. To aid both the classroom teachers and the home educators, he has added extensively to the teacher manuals for both of these levels. These are now incorporated in Second Editions.


Moreover, Michael’s interaction with the children has reinforced his understanding of how much the children appreciate the art in the book, and he wanted to give them the chance to see the art of Grammar Town in its full color. Grammar Town, like Grammar Island, is now in full color.


We published these all full-color, Second Editions, just after Thanksgiving.


YOU NOW NEED BOTH STUDENT AND TEACHER BOOKS FOR THESE LEVELS. With the extended notes for the teachers, there are now so many for the instructor on each page that we recommend that the students have their own student manuals for Grammar Island and Grammar Town. They are now included in the Basic Homeschooling Packages http://rfwp.com/series91.htm


We love Michael's continuous effort to make the curriculum truly excellent. We like that it is not set it stone, that it evolves as he learns more from the children. We are thankful to you for your comments about the texts and your experience of them; that is an essential part in our sometimes nudging him to make revisions. In truth, we never have to nudge very hard; Michael is constantly examining and rethinking the curriculum, and he does not rest when he sees a problem.


I grew up near Detroit in the era of larger fins on the cars every year, and I rapidly became disgusted with the notion that you obsolete the look of a product so people will purchase a new one. Because books last so long, some textbook publishers have adopted a similar strategy of new editions to sell more of their sometimes over-priced products. I do not like the practice any more in books than I do in automobiles and other products, and Royal Fireworks has never participated in this practice.


The one thing I always want to know is whether a new edition is warranted. And I want to know this as much because of my emotional reaction to it as because of the fact that we will have to throw away all the copies of the previous edition that we have. With Michael, I know that the revision is a major improvement.


THE PROBLEM FOR US AND FOR SOME OF YOU: These revisions present a problem for us as Michael’s publisher, and for some of you. You and we both want the students to have the best possible text, and that—we are certain—is the new edition. We stopped selling the old versions as soon as we knew the new ones were imminent. But many of you had already bought the old editions, planning that they would be used to educate more than one of your children. So now you have a package with a component that is not as good as it could be. This is not what you want for your younger children.


OUR OFFER TO PREVIOUS PURCHASERS: In these circumstances we are offering those of you who have recently bought the earlier editions—of either Grammar Island or Grammar Town—a very special price for the new and improved editions. This is less than half-price for the books, includes shipping in the United States, and is $35.00, (as opposed to $71.50) for the new teacher and student books.


This price is limited to people who bought these titles in 2009 or 2010 and who did not get the Second Editions. It is valid for two weeks until the 24th of January 2011. SPECIAL PRICE for previous purchasers of the SECOND EDITIONS OF GRAMMAR ISLAND and GRAMMAR TOWN: A SAVING OF $41.50 on the online price.


Grammar Island, Student & Teacher Manuals, 2nd Edition: $30.00 Plus shipping: $5.00 ORDER CODE: HSG1

To order on the website: http://www.rfwp.com/HSG1.htm


Grammar Town, Student & Teacher Manuals, 2nd Edition: $30.00 Plus shipping: $5.00 ORDER CODE: HSG2

To order on the website: http://www.rfwp.com/HSG2.htm


To find this offer, previous purchasers should use the links above, or go to the Home Page of http://www.rfwp.com and enter either HSG1 or HSG2 into the Search box in the left hand margin. When you have found the offer, order in the usual way. We will be able to check your purchasing history to see if you qualify. Or, of course, you can telephone us on 845 726 4444


To see sample pages of the Second Editions, or if you are purchasing these books for the first time, go to the Grammar, Elementary Program by Michael Clay Thompson:http://rfwp.com/series3.htm


Thanks for your patience, understanding and enthusiasm for MCT.




Dr T M Kemnitz

Royal Fireworks Press

First Ave, PO Box 399

Unionville NY 10988


845 726 4444

Visit our website at


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