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What is the most consistently accurate weather forecast resource you've found?

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Nothing is reliable more than a day out. On Thursday, both weather.com and noaa said that we would be getting up to 8 inches of snow yesterday. When I checked the weather reports yesterday, they'd downgraded it to about 4 inches--which was a huge disappointment in my house. The weather reports are always changing.


But if someone has found a reliable forecast, please share. I would love to check it out.:lol:

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www.accuweather.com is my favorite online source. I have a local news source I prefer as well. Several years ago I worked with a woman whose dh worked for the National weather service. She said that for long term predictions they made 3 potential scenarios for each weather day. ONe was considered conservative, middle of the road, and one was a not so conservative look. For example, depending on how quickly the wet air comes in from the gulf and meets that cold front, we could have no snow, an inch or 3, or a foot of snow. Interestingly, she said that of our 3 local weather stations, one usually prefered the conservative preditions, one usually chose the middle of the road predictions, and one often chose the last possible scenario.

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My back is pretty good at telling me when low pressure systems are coming through. Precipitation, less accurate unless the aforementioned Low accompanies it.


For internet - I like Weather Underground, but it's good more for current conditions than future.


I like one guy on the local tv, but how accurate is he? Meh...

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This one, posted today on my friend's blog:


To know with certainty

Posted on January 8, 2011 by Todd Augsburger

The forecast for today is “Cloudy with a 40 percent chance of snow showers.†Does anybody really know what a “40% chance†even means? Is it less than if we give it half a chance? Does it mean there’s a 60% chance it won’t snow? If there was 100% chance, would there still be a chance it wouldn’t? If you really want to know, look up “Probability of Precipitation (PoP)“.


I like to joke about the weather. (Sorry, meteorologists.) But how sure am I about the things that really matter? That question reminds me of a cartoon I once saw, where the philosopher Descartes ponders, “I think, therefore I am … I think.†Or it reminds me of the friend who thought it safer to “believe†and perhaps be wrong, than to disbelieve. I want neither of those two options–I want to know with certainty.


Neither science nor philosophy are sufficient to give us assurance of the spiritual things we’ve been taught. You can’t prove spiritual truths without spiritual input. That’s why the letter to the Colossians says that your assurance comes because “Christ lives in youâ€, and 1Thessalonians says that “the Holy Spirit gave you full assurance†that what was taught was true. God himself is, and must be, the source of our confidence.


I once before mentioned Hebrews 11:1, because I find it such an astounding verse. “Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.†Faith is the confidence, the understanding that what we anticipate will happen. Put simply, “By faith, we know what to expect.†It gives us assurance, confidence, conviction, proof of what we can’t physically see. Faith brings to light what is otherwise hidden.


I guess what I’m saying is that the phrase “100% chance of eternity†is not in my vocabulary, but an “assurance of eternity†is, because assurance comes not from my own understanding, but from God himself. Who holds eternity, and who lives in me–see how that works? He makes, and is, the connection between me and eternity.


The forecast? Guaranteed: Today, followed by eternity.

:) Beth

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