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Is there a curricula similar to LLATL?


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My dd9 is enjoying LLATL Orange, but it's not working so well for me.


We HS through a public charter school that requires more tracking of the work we are doing. LLATL makes it really hard to quantify what work is being done in LA. The index in the back only lists which lesson the topic is covered in, and even then I've found several topics listed incorrectly in the index! The Orange book does give a summary at the beginning of each section, but the Red (for my ds7) does not.


I need something organized a little better for next year...so I'm thinking ahead in some down time...


Plus, is there a recommendation for my ds7? LLATL is spirals somewhat, and that'd be fine in math for him, but in LA I think my ds needs something more compartmentalized or sequential (?)... Any suggestions here? FLL/WE maybe?




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