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Dr. Hive, what have I got?

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I have all the usual and unpleasant symptoms of flu: fever, chills, sweats, headache, congestion, sore throat, painful (in chest and throat) and productive cough, achy skin.


My neck is also swollen. I feel like my throat is swollen but, of course, I can't see it. When I lie on my back I feel as if I'm being gently strangled. On the right side of my neck, there is no discernible jaw line, it's all just puffy neckface. eww. On the left, it is swollen but not so much. It hurts to touch and raise my head. doesn't hurt to turn my head from side to side (but it does hurt my head).


What's up with my neck? Could my glands be that swollen?

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Yes, it could be your glands. I had mono in college, and my throat swelled so much that (1) it was visible, and (2) the dr. to whom my mother dragged me put me straight into the hospital to get the swelling down before my throat swelled shut. 24 hours of IV steroids, and I felt nearly as good as new.


I didn't want to go to the dr., either, but I am pretty sure that feeling strangled when you lie on your back is one of those symptoms that should not be ignored.



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