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Another palate expander question...

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Our oldest daughter started wearing a palate expander a month before her 11th birthday. She still had two baby teeth to loose, but the x-rays indicated they'd be out shortly and they were.


It has worked for dd. Her front teeth were buck teeth. In less than a year the expander & braces have pulled those two teeth down and out so she hasn't had to have any teeth pulled.


She's got another 1.5 years in her braces but we're very satisfied with her treatment. He was very worried that she'd break her teeth off if she wasn't put into braces immediately and he wanted to do the expander to avoid having to pull out permanent teeth.

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As part of our evaluation visit, our Ortho took x-rays of my dd's hands to see how much growth she had left. Did yours use x-rays to determine whether she had enough growth left to make it be effective?

No, he didn't. Hmm....


Did anyone else here have xrays to evaluate growth before having the palate expander?

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