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Back to school on Monday!

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We've been on a break from school since the 6th of Dec because my mom and stepdad have been visiting since then. They go home on Tuesday (thank goodness-a month and a week is too long for all of us), but we HAVE to start school back on Monday. I was hoping to start back this week, but we went to France and a few other places, so that was a no go. I'm concerned we're not going to get a summer break because we'll have to take another big break when the baby comes. Indy and I are both ready to get back to school (it's amazing how bored we get with nothing to do), but I'm afraid it's going to he hard for us to get back into our groove after such a long break. Sigh.

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I had planned to start this Tuesday past, and we actually got in one day for the 10yo and 2 days for the 16yo. Then friends visited and the 16yo had to go to the doctor (which set off an anxiety attack). Sigh. We are totally chilling now and planning to start Monday with co-op and back to work Tuesday. Though I don't know how since dh has invited friends over to watch the Championship game between Auburn and Oregon, which means we'll be up late and off schedule again...


Totally understand ;)

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