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Gasp . . . recovering from the flu here. It kicked our b#tts!

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The first person (my 19 year old) came down with it the week before Christmas. The 14 year old fell two days after Christmas. The 25 year old and grandbaby the next day. I was next with hubby two days behind me and we were followed up by the 11 year old a day or two later. Here is 14 days or so days later and this is the first day where everyone is clearly over the worst and on the way to recovering.


This is the worst flu I have seen in about 14 years. Everyone had fever, chills, muscle aches and pains, severe fatigue, congestion, cough, nausea, and about half of the people were throwing up as well. Some people had sore throats and others severe headaches. The kids missed a week of school.


It was also really strange though. Some people got sick and then got better and then got even sicker before finally obviously getting better. Others we deathly ill on day, thought they were getting better the next day and then were ever worse the next day followed by another day of feeling better with the cycle continuing for two weeks.


There were entire days of all of us laying around with barely the energy to go the bathroom and sip water. Finally, unlike other years, half the group did not get sick at all even though they lived with the rest of us. :confused: The first two who got sick feel better today but the are completely worn out and I can see that it is going to take at least another two weeks to get close to back to normal. We are all completely drained.


I look up from my surroundings and see that the house has not been cleaned in at least a month, there is not food in the house (even though we didn't eat at all while sick), the bills are not paid, all of our prescriptions ran out, library books are late, etc. Absolutely nothing had been done in a month and now with everything to do I don't know that anyone will be up to it for at least another two weeks.


Anyone else having a particularly rough flu season? Everyone I have talked to in several states have seen the same thing so wondering about everyone here.

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We have not had the flu (yet) this year, but the whole family was stricken just the way you described a few years ago. It was unbelievable to ache so much you just wanted to cry. And to not be able to get out of bed~ yikes!


I pray you all recover completely, with immune systems like German tanks! :grouphug:


Same thing here. It was two winters ago, and it was a nightmare. The only one who didn't get sick was my husband. We typically NEVER get sick, but it really kicked us in the bum too! I remember telling my husband he could go to work and I would take care of everyone right before I passed out going down the stairs. Yeah right... I could take care of who?

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:grouphug:We got that 3 years ago when I was 8 months pregnant with number 3. We all tested positive for influenza A. I felt like I was dying and I cried so hard because one day I couldnt even get up off the couch to make the kids soup. I had no help, as usual. My DH had gotten sick first and had returned to work. It was miserable and it took us like a full month to recover.


This year we got the worlds worst 9 day stomach flu, and I am hoping that is all we get.

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We had it the same time you all did! I think you are in Middle TN as well, so maybe it's going around! It was horrible! I was down for a week and them exhausted for another. Dd3 recovered the fastest as they gave her Tamiflu because of her Asthma. They didn't give it to the rest of us....we were left to suffer:(

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