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God & the History of Art?

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Has anyone used this for high school Art History? If so, did you add anything to it, or just use it 'as is?'


I need something artsy for my ds next year. I personally CANNOT teach art in any shape or form, I can barely draw stick figures, so it MUST be a type of independent curricula or I will. not. do. it.


My ds likes art, and I think some type of art or art history would be a good elective for him. I used I Can Do All Things years ago and we did not really care for the tiny little paint cards, etc. And again, there was some teaching involved due to my ds's age at the time...so it basically never got done. Can't help but wonder if God & History of Art will get the same reception. I need something though, and I'm willing to give it a try! What say you?


[Oh, and wanted to add that my older boys used How Great Thou Art in highschool years ago. They found it so-so. One did well with it, the other not so much. What I found difficult was grading it! How does one grade art? ugh! ]

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I've used GHA over 4 years with MFW in grades 4-8, and have held onto it in case we want a fine arts credit in high school.


If you didn't like Barry Stebbing's other art courses, you might not like the art instruction in GHA, since it's the same teacher :confused:


However, I really like the historical info in GHA because it really brought up art topics that *I* was interested in, from the Mona Lisa to the Gothic Farmer to the guy who painted the George WAshington that's on the quarter. He compared different eras in art, from realistic to perfect to abstract. He also brought up a couple of interesting discussions like nudity in art and Jesus in art.


If I do a fine arts credit, I will probably use some of GHA. I also like to search further for different artists, and Sister Wendy's book often has the ones I'm looking for, with additional info.


Another art program I've used for high school is Drawing With Children. It is intended to show kids that there are *many* kinds of art, and have them try enough that they find what they can do. The teen book has a longer intro, trying to "undo" any preconceived notions they have about not being artistic.



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pretty much what Julie said. I used God and the History of Art in same grades in MFW. Think it might be worth re-reading parts of history again as a component toward a fine arts appreciation credit. I guess it could be done.


I'm also looking at Harmony Fine Arts stuff too


It uses some of the Sister Wendy materials for art.


How to grade art: I might consider looking at completion of projects, progression in skills over time or using some of the ideas in the Drawing with Children books to be a coach on it. I think that's where God and the History of Art would be not too difficult to grade as it gives rather specific instructions what to do. So I'd look more at the directions being followed (process over final product), and as skills go along.


but, my oldest is only 9th grade, so I could be very very clueless.



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