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History of Us Guides?


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I bought Hakim's History of Us. Wow how amazing! :001_wub:


Are there guides or something that go with it. I want my 8th grader to use them U.S history course.


Any suggestions on the best of use of these completely amazing books for her and then beyond?


Thanks in advance.

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Hewitt has a syllabus and tests. It's on sale for $5. History of US Junior High Syllabus and Tests.


Sonlight's Core 100 uses HUS as it's spine. The TI has extensive commentary on HUS (and I mean extensive.) Sonlight Core 100.


Here's a teacher resource page. I don't know anything about using these as a homeschooler but here it is anyway. Joy Hakim's Teacher Resource page.

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There's a test bank for the whole series. There are 15 mc questions for each section of the book. I use it for reading comprehension, but some of the questions are pretty picky.


There are instructor guides too. These have some workbook pages in the back (making graphs, filling in maps, etc) and some teaching suggestions. I'm not sure how useful they are overall.


I haven't seen the student study guides.

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