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Help Me Find Another Phrase!

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In the choice thread, someone mentioned "fulltime homemaker". I can't help it, but that phrase makes my skin crawl. "Fulltime mom" isn't appropriate, either, since moms who work are still moms.


"Fulltime homemaker" seems too close to "housewife". What can I call myself without offending myself or someone else?


House Manager leaves out the kids and teaching. "Home Teacher" leaves out the house stuff. There has to be a better phrase.

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I just say I'm at home right now, and add in "I homeschool" when I do.

I don't feel the need for a spiffy phrase--most people don't understand the richness of the opportunity to be a homemaker, or a homeschooler, for that matter.

My niece thinks she could never be at home because "all you do is clean, anyway." It's sad that a creative, interesting approach to home making is just so underemphasized. I've basically given up, trying to convince someone else.

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I call myself 'the head inmate in charge of the asylum'. I think it sums it all up rather nicely. :D


Or sometimes, when people ask what I do, I say "I make people." :tongue_smilie:


Why don't you just call yourself a homeschool mom? Or better yet, refuse to label yourself at all.

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