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Has anyone ever have a stomach ulcer?

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The doctors will usually go by symptoms first and prescribe some thing like Nexium and Prilosec and see if you get relief. It is the medicine they would prescribe anyways if you had a definite diagnosis. Carafate is another medication that is often give too because it coats the stomach for more instant relief. The doctor will also do a blood test for H. Pylori to see if you have it because it is the bacteria or virus (Can't remember which) that most people have in their stomachs which causes the ulcers. If you test positive for it, you will also be put on antibiotics to get rid of it. If things don't seem to be improving than you can have either an upper endoscopy or an upper GI test. In my case I didn't have an ulcer but gastritis caused by aspirin therapy so I was the lucky recepient of the endoscopy (Really wasn't that bad of a test). They thought my Mom had an ulcer and put her on the meds and she felt better pretty fast. Hope this info helps.

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