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Has anyone combined Jacob's with Foerster's Algebra I?

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I'm coming around to teaching Algebra I for my third and final time. Yea! (to the final part)


The first time, I used Foerster's because I had decided that it was the "best." However, though I had taken calculus in high school sometime in the last century, my brain didn't always recall what I used to know and I sometimes stumbled through it. Jacob's seemed like it would have been easier for me to teach.

I have always felt that I failed ds 1 in algebra I though he's recovered fairly well. Ds 2 taught himself. He really doesn't need a math teacher. He's always just "gotten" it. He used Foerster's. (As an aside, both my dad and dh's are engineers. That particular skill set eluded both dh and I, but has shown up in two of our kids. Interesting thing, genetics.)


I was going to do Chalkdust this time, but we really don't have the $$ for a new program. I need to work with what we own.


What I was thinking was somehow using Jacob's as the spine and adding in Foerster's word problems and some of their stuff that is not in Jacob's. Ds 2 has said he'll help me teach, but i don't think he will be available in a systematic way.


Has anyone already done the work of combining these two resources? If so, could you share your syllabus?

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