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You Know You're a Homeschool When....Ooops!

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I met the woman who lives behind me for the second time today. As we were ending the conversation, she said she had to go get her sons from school (they are rambunctious 5 year old twin boys). The conversation went like this:


Me: Oh, do they go to Meadows?


Her: Yes, for now.


Me (assuming she was military from earlier conversation): Until you move?


Her: Well, I'm certified to teach but I'm too busy with the little one (3 month old).


Me: Yeah, it's really hard to homeschool with a newborn.


Her: Actually, they'll go to the same school I work at when I return.




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When she said she was certified to teach, it never occurred to me that she was a teacher. I automatically assumed she was trying to tell me she was certified to teach, therefore would be homeschooling her older boys if she didn't have a baby to take care of.

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I would have made the same assumption. Why would her being on maternity leave mean they needed to go to a different school?


Perhaps the school she teaches at, or will teach at is out of district? In that case, her sons might not get the out of district exemption unless mom is actively teaching there.


But... I know so many certified teachers who now stay home and hs their own children, I would have likely made the same assumption as the OP!

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Her meaning would not have occurred to me either.


The teachers I have met usually make it a point to have their kids attend a school other than the one they teach in.


Where I live, teachers can "place" their dc in any county school, with the exception of magnets. I know a lot of teachers who place their dc at their own school in part to reduce the cost of or completely avoid childcare.

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