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8-Pocket Organizers

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I saw these at Walmart today marked down to 50 cents. I thought I'd post about them, since they might be nice for school work. What I actually had in mind was to keep the paperwork for each subject in the folder section, and use the pockets for memory card work related to that subject. So---in the folder part will be, say, history notebooking work, and in front of that in the pocket will be memory cards for history. The next folder could be for science, then spelling, grammar, Latin, etc. In this way you could keep eight subjects worth of work together, though the folders may get too full. The pockets of the organizers from Walmart actually have a fold-over locking flap, so notecards would (hopefully) not escape.

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Wow, I just bought mine on Monday night for $3.50! Oh well, I love them already. I keep their folder stocked full of the weeks work. They are finished for the week when the folder is empty. My son is already accustomed to looking in a folder, now he has all of his work in there! My version of workboxing!

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What part of the store was it in?


My Walmart sets aside an aisle for clearance items. It's usually in an odd place, and there's no rhyme or reason as to its location. Sorry. Most Walmart stores I've been in have some kind of on-going clearance area, usually along one of the outer periphery of the store. I hope you have luck finding the clearance section, as I always find goodies there for our school usage.


I should have added that the organizers from Walmart I found do have the elastic closure as well.

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