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velcro, how do you sew it on????

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You can sew that stuff, but you have to do it slowly. Ick. Don't do it if you can get out and get non-gummy stuff.


Whatcha making anyway? I think I'm going to go hem a tunica...




I have so many projects going! So many grandbabies to sew for and I love it.


The velcro is needed for a shopping cart cover..it is for ribbons that you could attach toys too. Since we are in the middle of a lake effect snow event, and leaving the house does not sound fun, I am thinking of use some Un Do solvent and trying to get the glue off.


I have been sewing for 40 years, but I seriously avoid Velcro! I hate the stuff, but I don't think snaps are the best option for where I need it right now.

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It's much cheaper (and easier to sew obviously) if you buy it by the yard from a big spool in a fabric store. You can sometimes find the "sew on" type in the craft stores though.


I am pretty sure I had some yardage stuff without glue on it, but it went home with a DIL who was making her dog a coat.........hmmm..

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