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Weird thing about my ds

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He smells EVERY.SINGLE.THING. EVERYTHING. Always. Its almost getting to the point that it is starting to interrupt what he is doing because he has to stop and smell something (if he is coloring, he has to smell the paper, each crayon, if he is looking at a book he smells every.single.page. :confused: What the heck???? I have never seen a kid do this before. He has tourettes, ADHD- but what is up with his smelling EVERYTHING??? :001_huh: Any ideas???

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I think it is a pretty common sensory/ OCDish thing. Considering his other dx, I am not really surprised. Bring it up next time you see the dr. That treats the turrettes.

:iagree:My son went through this for a while. Now he is touching everything with his foot.:confused: He has a tic disorder and is a bit OCDish.

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I have a ds like this. He is getting better. He used to smell me and lots of other things all the time, it made him feel better.


One day he was running out to play with a friend and he said, "I'm going to smell Josiah!" I said, "Wait a minute, you can smell your mom but you CANNOT smell your friends.


This would be put into the category of: One of those things I never thought I'd have to say.


He still smells the cat a lot. It seems to calm him.



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