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Horse people - need your help quickly

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I discovered my Paso displaying all the usual symptoms of colic this morning. I administered about 3gm of Bute orally. The vet is on out of area calls (we live in a very rural area).

When will the Bute wear off? I gave it to him around noon. He is right around 1050lbs. He seemed to feel better intermittently, coughed and sputtered some stuff up, dh is walking him now. He went down to roll but we were able to get him back on his feet.


This is our first ever colic incident and even though I've seen other horses colic, I am getting panicky now. He is 23 yrs old though seemed otherwise in good health.

PS: I just remembered that Banamine is the drug of choice and I don't have any. CR%$

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I know that you can only give the recommended dosage up to 3x's a day. Exceeding the dose by even 50% can kill a horse...although slowly.


Does he have belly sounds and what is his capillary refill rate?


No belly sounds while I was there. I had to go to work and now my dear but not-so horse savvy dh is walking him.

I can see if will do the CR test with him.

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This was a thorough, but short article that helps with distinguishing between treatable and surgical colic.


Sorry, you guys are dealing with this.


My brain has left me on the bute alternative...horse asprin? It seemed safer and wasn't an NSAID if I remember correctly.




Maybe you are thinking of the J-Herb - Jaogulin - mispelled but something like it. We have it because I give it to him now and then for his arthritis.

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