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Teachers' Lounge! 1-6-2011

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Hello, all! Sorry I wasn't here yesterday. Lots going on here with the transition to homeschooling. I still have a ton of work to do before Monday (when we officially resume homeschooling). But didn't want to 'abandon' you. Just know that, starting next week, I may not be able to 'open' the Teachers' Lounge every day. It all depends on what's happening that day!


What's for lunch today? Me: pizza. Called my hubby to see if he wanted to have lunch together and he'd just taken a pizza out of the oven!


What was 'different' on your schedule today? Me: took my mom and stepdad to the airport; they're flying to TN because one of my nieces is getting married on Saturday. I do not have the spare cash to spend to go so hopefully they're video-taping it!


What's exciting for you within the next few days? Me: Our whole family is going to our homeschool group's Park Day tomorrow! My dh has agreed to be the PE coach for the jr/sr high kids through this semester!


What about you? Talk to me! :bigear:

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Lunch- garlic whole wheat bread with butter- not in the mood to make anything!


Today, working on Drawing with Children exercise in mirror images with kids. 6 yr. old does not get it at all. Have to come up with better way to explain.


Exciting- Saturday both boys are running cars in the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby. Then, that evening, I'm hosting a baby shower for a good friend.

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Lunch - frozen Michelina's fettucine alfredo and Diet Coke (I sound like a broken record here)


Different - we did our bi-weekly volunteer gardening. We planted some calendulas and primroses and did some raking.


Exciting - going to a housewarming party for our priest & his family on Sunday, and next week going to a Red Egg & Ginger party for our friends' baby.


Disney World - I'm jealous! :glare: :D

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Lunch- Soup and garlic bread


Different- organized the upstairs play room and got the last boxes um packed!!! :D


Exciting- hmmmmmm....My dd9 just called her brother an "idiot" :glare:. As in, "STOP IT YOU IDIOT!!!!!" I'm not a very happy momma right now :glare:

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Lunch: Grilled Turkey and Swiss sandwiches, celery and carrot sticks, oranges and blackberries.


We slept in because since the roads are very icy here, I did not work at the farm this morning.


We've got the rocketry team coming tonight to begin building their design but I won't be able to see this (big lip sticking out) because I have a 4-H leader meeting at the extension office. Not looking forward to that because the roads are yucky and will be rather rotten by the time I'm done.


Mt. Laundry is currently dormant - YEAH! - no one changed their clothing, just their undergarments today!!!!! So happy.


My dishes are done and ds managed algebra with only a minimal amount of algebra rage - similar to road rage and does involve shaking one's fists at one's textbook.



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Lunch - really late at Waffle House (I know - BAD for you food)


BUT - I have an excuse. While teaching this AM, I started feeling really bad. Pain in the side and stomach. So bad, I had to go get flat in the bed. (This is so not me). Woke up an hour later, felt better, went to the bathroom and OUCH. That burning pain that we all know indicates the dreaded UTI. I haven't had one in 20 years. So off to the doctor for me after I left DS with the neighbor.


I now have DRUGS :D, DH is taking DS to Mandarin lessons for me :hurray: and I am getting ready to go to bed at 5:10 in the afternoon.


There really should be a law that moms cannot get sick!

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