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please post 5th grade schedules/plans

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Can other post their 5th grade schedules. We started hs in first and I never thought it would continue to go so well. So now while some things will carry over like Singapore Math, and Spelling Workout and we have one more year of SOTW left. I need to make sure I know what I'm in for grammar, science, and extras. We have pretty academic homeschool but with lots of time for creativity. Seems like many books/series/ plateau off after 4th grade.



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My daughter is in 5th this year. We use:


Oak Meadow 5 (this is for English, US History, and incorporates Civics and Geography) (I LOVE Oak Meadow- we used it last year for 4th, we're using it this year for 5th, and I'll continue to use it at least through 8th).


Teaching Textbooks Math 5. (I recently bought Life of Fred Fractions and I'm awaiting its arrival; not sure if we will start it right away or wait a while).


Handwriting Without Tears Can Do Cursive Workbook


Sentence Composing for Elementary School: A Worktext to Build Better Sentences (we just started this this week!)


Plus plenty of read alouds and silent reading and extra-curriculars.


We use SOTW1 but we do it in the summer when we're not busy with other curriculum stuff.

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My oldest is in 5th. Our day/curriculum is set up like this:


reading--she reads a book for pleasure

Scott-Foresman language arts 1 worksheet

following directions worksheet or reading passage in McCall-Crabbs Test Lessons in Reading


SWR--work on extras, dictate 5 review words

Science--Oak Meadow 5/6 (text or experiment or project)

History--Oak Meadow 5/6 (text or project or composition)

lapbook that corresponds to history--1-3 lapbook pieces

history reading (nonfiction or folk tales)

Rod and Staff Math 5--1 lesson per day 1/3-1/2 the problems


We tried doing Latin for several years but it just wasn't working. This schedule is wonderful for us and Oak Meadow keeps upping things with each level. OM6 is much more work than OM5 was.:001_smile:

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For 5th, my son is using:


SL 4 (History, Science, Readers, Read alouds, but NO LA)

SRA's Spelling Mastery (similar to Apples & Pears)

IEW class

Saxon Grammar and Writing 5 (Grammar only except for the copywork/dictation)

Sentence Composing (when he isn't working on an assignment for his IEW class)

R&S Math 5/6 (supplementing with some Math Mammoth)




Hands on Equations

La Clase Divertida

Wordsmart Vocabulary Software

Type to Learn



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