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Dyslexic testing..not so sure about this..lol

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They started the dyslexic testing at VT today. It was a mixed bag how I think it went...


First off, the tester had a very thick cajun accent. She asked my dd to spell "ax". Raelee wrote down ax. She then told her she would use it in a sentence: "I will ax you a question." :lol: I had to clarify for my dd what word she meant.


Anyway, she had her read through a list of words. My dd read the list up to the third grade level (she's 7 and in second and far from reading 3rd grade material). It's when it's in context that she starts guessing the words rather than reading them. I guess that could be the Nystagmus that does that. I don't know. I explained to the doc that she has a lot of problems with words in context. We shall see what they say.


She also had a TON of problems if given a list of letters or numbers and circling the backwards ones. She just couldn't distinguish which ones were backwards.


I don't know what they will say...I'm sure I'll hear more next week.


We got sent home with some color discrimination homework for us to do.

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Those sound like the same screeners my son's VT used. They don't diagnose dyslexia but are supposed to use them as part of the diagnostic tools to learn just how the child is perceiving what is seen. In the beginning he couldn't recognize reversed letters but could read some words. But that was just a portion of his problems. His eyes were not working together so we never knew which letter he was seeing or not seeing in the beginning. It just depended on which eye his brain decided to follow.

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Dd8 did that test at 6. Apparently she was below 10 percentile with the number of reversals she had. The ot taught her to write connected cursive when She was 6. Writing individual letters she will reverse anything possible still, but connected is fine. She is not dyslexic (can read dickens) but will reverse any two vowels in a word.


I would suggest you look strongly at WHY you are doing the testing. Will she be eligible for extra funding/therapy/support with a diagnosis? If so, this lady is going to help you get that. Are you looking for direction, or guidance? If so, maybe try finding someone else.


Dyslexia is a very broad term that just means trouble reading. Our VT said that there is a push away from using the terminology now, at least not early on, as it more labels a difficulty than identifying a cause.

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Hmmm... I'm having a little trouble with the "dyslexia" terminology (most professionals adhere to a narrow definition). While I would go to an optometrist who does VT (preferrably an FCOVD) for an evaluation for vision problems, and if I suspected dyslexia I'd probably want to rule out vision problems first (which can often be confused with or co-exist with dyslexia), I would not go to such person specifically for dyslexia testing. I'd go to a psych/neuropsych for dyslexia testing.


Yes, I'd say it would be a problem if a VT employed by our optometrist was doing testing that relied on her incorrect pronunciations. When you go back for the results, pay special attention to the results for that area. The problem may not be relevant to the other portions of the testing.

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To help with letter and number reversal, use dot patterns.

The best way to teach a child to read fluently is with word decoding lists. Have the student highlight the small*words or sounds within the word. *Using this decoding method creates confident, fluent readers in a very short time.



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