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Confused about Story of the World Curriculum.


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Hello all,


I am new to homeschooling, and I am still trying to figure things out. I purchased the Story of the World: Vol. 1 for my first grader. Today, however, I went to see what we would be using for next year, and this is where my confusion came in. Are we supposed to use Vol. 1 up until 4th grade? For some reason, I thought there was a different book for each grade level. I am totally lost on this one. What are you guys using for history with each grade level? Or are you all just reusing the Vol. 1 up until 4th grade? Hope that makes sense...I am running on little sleep today.



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take your time with it, and if you can get the CDs do so. They're great for in the car. Also, get the workbook-the companion book? It has good activities in it. Some I skip, sometimes I use them because I can't think of anything, but some are fantastic (ie: my kids loved making feather fountain pens and 'writing' with them-they did that for *hours*). And the map work is also good.


one book per year, but you can stretch or cut. And we would break for the additional books so that we weren't waaay ahead in SOTW.

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It is meant to be sufficient for one school year.


With my current first grader, I count the number of weeks I plan to do school, count the chapters in SOTW 1 and then figure out how to make them fit. Some weeks have what I call 'short' chapters and then we double up.


I have done the whole cycle once already and we have always managed to fit one book into one school year. With the fourth book I really had to stay on top of it, but we managed.


But, I know plenty of homeschoolers who perfer to take more than a school year for each book.

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