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Happy 3 kings day for the people having king cake today!

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Hi we are making a king cake this year.

Get 3 cans of Pillsbury grand cinnamon rolls. Roll each can out into one long row. Braid them together and make a circle. Bake it per the instructions. Sprinkle purple, green and gold sugar crystals on top.

I am going to put the baby (or any figure you want) in after I bake the cake from underneath. We then have the kids say which piece goes to each family member. Whoever gets the baby is king for the day and wears a crown(homemade)!

It's great fun! I hope someone is doing the tradition with us.


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Here's how we do 3 Kings Day. I have usually put away all of the Christmas decorations...except for baby Jesus and kings from the creche. We bake a small cake ( this year will be gingerbread). I attach a crown (playmobil) to a ribbon and tuck this along with an empty ribbon for each person into the cake (after it is baked!). Whoever pulls out the crown gets to be the king and then serves the cake! We also pop English Christmas crackers (bought on sale :D after Christmas) and everyone wears a crown and messes about with those silly trinkets.

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On the 12th day of Christmas...


we take down all our decorations. Anything that we forget has to stay up and in place until next year. We sing lots of hymns while we take down our decorations.


Last year I forgot my row of Precious Moment Christmas Ornaments, so I have had to explain those away for a year. I wonder what I will forget this year.


I think I will add cake to the festivities this year, thanks for the recipe ideas.


Happy 3 kings day!

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We love our King Cake. Ever since we moved to the US we have been buying the Mexican version, which is virtually the same as the traditional Spanish version, although in Spain nowadays there are some novel and truly delicious varieties...


We started the celebrations yesterday with our Spanish Club friends, then watched various traditional 3 Kings' Day Parades from Spain via Internet. We left our shoes, grass for the camels, "polvorones" and cyder for the Kings.


Younger daughter finally fell asleep by 11.00pm, she was so excited! Of course she was up this morning by 6.00am in time to be able to open presents before her older sister left for school at 7.00am! It's been a fun day. Our Christmas decorations will stay until the weekend.

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We can buy the cakes from a local supermarket. It's a coffee cake with icing and purple, gold and green sparkles. It even comes with a naked baby Jesus (per dd's description) and some beads for the king or queen. I've also seen the more sedate rosca de reyes here, but my kids prefer the cake with the multicolor sparkles. They also got their last presents yesterday, but we just put them under the tree because the shoes were for St. Nicholas and Krampusz. I love the Christmas season!

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