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Abeka literature?

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I really liked A Beka's 10th grade World Literature. I used the assignment book that A Beka sells to know which questions to pick and do at the end of each selection, but if you are comfortable with just picking your own, or if you just go over all of them orally, then you can skip that. You definitely need the T/E for answers and summaries. I did find that sometimes A Beka's questions are less than desirable, so much fact recall that dd didn't always enjoy the pieces for fear that she would miss a detail. But the selection of literature is good. I would prefer more of "what is the general idea" type of thing. There are composition suggestions regularly, but I'm not quite there yet to assign them and know how to help with them or grade them. There are others here in the hive that have used the composition suggestions and liked them. The tests are a lot of fact recall and more tedious that I would prefer. Ds did it (English major in college now) and says we don't need the tests for dd. I would say to pick the selections you like, read them, see if you like A Beka's questions, if not, search the internet for what you are looking for. And...... it just so happens I do have my set for sale, my youngest used it last year. PM me if you are interested.

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