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NUmber Neighbors?


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I have been considering this for my dd 13 with special needs (we are still working on single digit add./sub.). I can't figure out from the website if it is something I could use as a curriculum with her or is it just a supplement? Anyone here use it?

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You are talking about the Number Neighbors from Muggins Math? I have this and use it as a supplementary tool.

The included manual shows you how to use the Number Neighbors materials to teach different concepts such as breaking a whole into parts, addition, subtraction, place value and regrouping, multiplication, division and fractions.

That being said, I don't see why you couldn't use it as your full math curriculum, it just wouldn't be 'open and go' like other math curriculums.

You could work your way through the book teaching one concept at a time. Maybe throw in some problems worked on a dry-erase board if she is able.

When I bought this I intened to use it with my boys to reinforce their curriculums, but neither of them seemed to benefit from it. They are both pretty adept at 'mental math'. However, my 2 year old LOVES it and is I find it to be very good tool for teaching number sense.

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