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I'm watching my book trek around the East Coast.

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I ordered ds6 a new handwriting book from Amazon. I was going to pick it up at B&N, but realized that with Prime, it would arrive by the time I'd be able to actually get to the store to buy it, so I decided to take the easy route and have it delivered to my doorstep.


It was supposed to get here yesterday. It started out in KS, but is now trekking around the East coast (and I'm not anywhere near the East coast). It's going on quite an adventure :D.


I've got three theories:



  1. Ds6 learned of this book and contacted UPS directly. He hates penmanship practice.
  2. I didn't learn enough about patience in 2010, so I'm being taught more in 2011.
  3. Flat Stanley is a stow away in my box.


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Usually Amazon is very fast with shipping but I'm seeing the same thing. Usually I can do free shipping and it gets here 5 days after it ships. I've been waiting for dvds that were shipped and it hung out in NJ for a long time with Fedex. Finally made it here to SC after 9 days. So it will take twice as long as usual. I guess lots of people are ordering right now with their Christmas money or something. The one thing that makes it all worth it is the money I saved which helps to buy other things. If I bought it at the store....I would be spending much more on the price and tax. Worth the wait even though frustrating!

Hope you get yours soon!

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It did! It's gone from KS to OH to IN and left IL last night.




You can leave packaging feedback. I also had a package not sent priime from there a couple of months ago. I wasn't too happy as I needed it in two days. :glare: I never did get an answer if it was a glitch or some new version of prime (:tongue_smilie:) but they knew I wasn't happy.

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Oh man, my Kindle had an adventure like that about a month ago. I wanted it for Christmas break, so I ordered it a week and a half before we were to leave for my in-laws with Prime. It took 3 days for it to leave the warehouse and then it went from Philadelphia to Memphis to Little Rock, and then it said it was out on delivery in Miami, FL? Then it said some guy named Juarez signed for it in Miami. So I called FedEx and they had no clue, except that maybe it was in Houston, TX. I contacted Amazon and they started to overnight me a new one, but my other original one arrived before it went through. This was with 2-day shipping and it took 8 days total. Weird. :001_smile:

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This happened to me once. My book went somewhere WAAAYYYY far away (I think it was Oklahoma) and they had an "attempted delivery" recorded there. Huh? :confused: Finally, it wandered back to the east coast and eventually to my door. But that was really strange.

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