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Update on 9yo's IEP meeting.

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It went really, really well. He is *not* going in a self-contained classroom and is only leaving his regular room for a 90 minute reading block once a day. The district placement specialist kept trying to get resource time for all subjects and there just isn't enough time in the day! I finally had to tell them that while math was very important, he had 9 more years to "catch up" in math and we should focus on his reading issues now. The reality is that I am teaching him math at home (his teacher and asst. principal are in full agreement with this) and he'll be in class for the instructional part of his math block at school. I also insisted that his writing issues (the total inability for him to complete independent writing) was caused by his lack of reading and spelling ability, not a separate writing issue.


They are going to get him an OT evaluation, even though I didn't think that helping him with his handwriting (the only kind of OT they offer) was going to do him much good. He is getting textbooks on CD, tests read to him/written for him, modified assignments, testing individually or small group, and double time on tests. There were other things, too, but these were the biggies.


At one point the asst. principal (who used to teach special ed and supervise special ed teachers) told me that I knew more about special ed than many of her special ed teachers!:lol: It was very clear that I knew more about teaching reading to LD kids than the Reading Specialist did - she is a very nice lady and will help him quite a bit, though.


I think I will need to get Barton for him and tutor him myself some, too. He will also (hopefully) go back to private speech/language therapy soon. The speech teacher had screened him and he did qualify for language therapy, but she feels (whispered to me while the others were working on the paperwork) that he would be better served by a private specialist who isn't constrained by the school district rules.;) She did say that as time went on, she would be able to do Visualizing and Verbalizing with him if needed.


All in all it was very positive. They also recommended that I get my 2yo evaluated through Child Find as he is likely to qualify for special ed preschool. The more help he can get early, the better off he will be when he starts school.


So, 2 IEP's down, one more to go. My 12yo's paperwork goes to the school psychologist today and we start the circus all over again!:tongue_smilie:

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