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Anyone have in-home daycare/preschool & homeschool too?

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Lately I have been feeling like God is speaking to me, telling me to start a preschool that runs part-time, in my home. :001_huh: Yes, I've been PRAYING, trying to figure out what I'm supposed to be doing here but PRESCHOOL? A bunch of kids that aren't mine?! It's just a little overwhelming to think about!!! :tongue_smilie:


I say all this toungue-in-cheek as all I did before my ds9 was born was work in preschools & daycares... so I *do* love it. And my two little ones are almost preschool age so it would fit *right* in with what I have planned for them...


I just don't know how well it would work with my eldest schooling 5-ish hours everyday, yk?


My thoughts are maybe 2 days/wk, 4 hours/day for ages 3-5. Maybe 4 or 5 extras to start off and maybe a 10 kid maximum if things go well? IDK, just thinking out loud here! ;) Just want to see if anyone else here does this, and if so, what advice would be given to someone starting out?





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Well, I'm not sure what the laws are like in your state, but you might want to check in to that. To run a home daycare in my state, the most children you'd be able to have is 8, not including your own over a certain age, and that is only if you have enough space. Plus you'd have to get cpr certified, childproof your house, get inspections, etc.etc.

My mom ran a home daycare until I was 15, but when we moved decided not to continue because of how much work it was to get recertified in a new place.


But some places allow for under a specific number of children/hours without being certified. The girl that keeps my daughter while I'm at school doesn't need to be licensed because it is one child and only a few hours a week.

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I did this for a few years.


I had one child who I homeschooled full time, and 2 days a week, I had 6 more kids come in for preschool.


It was fun. I had them bring their own lunch, and we made a snack together.


I had my own older kids to help, and I took all siblings of students, no matter what their ages were.

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