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Dr. Hive - toe pain

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I have crappy feet. I have struggled with plantar fasciitis in the past, which is actually pretty good right now. But, sometimes I also have toe pain. Right now my left big toe is very painful. this happens whenever I'm on my feet too long on hard surfaces. It was aggravated today when I accidentally stepped on the cord for the vacuum. Mind you, I didn't even put my full weight on it, but it REALLY REALLY hurt. It still hurts. I looked up toe pain, because this is becoming a common thing. Well, there is plenty on toe pain but it all seems to be about pain in the joint where the toe meets the foot, and that isn't where mine hurts. Mine hurts in the joint (knuckle?) above that. Anyone know what that could be? It's my understanding that bunions are below that, and gout would be swollen and red, which it is not. I can still bend it, it's not stiff or anything, so not turf toe. What is it? I'm tired of it hurting!

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