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please help me with media arts

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My kids are sort of weird luddites. They have very little media in their lives (I don't even have a cell phone) but they like the idea of creating with it.


They want to make movies, claymation, lego movies etc. I mean they WANT to. They talk about it all the time. They are 10 and about to be 6 BTW.


There is a place in town called 'media camp' where they teach claymation and all that stuff but it is VERY expensive. I don't begrudge them the $$ but I don't have that much for two kids. I could spend 100$ for software that would get used again and again or some $$ for a camera etc. That is possible. I just don't want to spend 250$ for a 6 week class and THEN have to spend money on software and a camera so we can do it at home, kwim?


I just know that there are people here with movie making kids who can give me some guidance.


We own a digital camara and we got the older boy a flip camera. I know it can do more than what they have it do but I am not sure how to learn about it. We've never even posted a video to youtube or anthing like that.


I know some kids make movies right on the computer, not claymation, but digital or something. How do they do that?


My husband is comfortable with technology, I can figure stuff out. We've just never said "hey, let's make a movie" so we don't know where to begin.

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Klutz has a book on video tricks: http://www.klutz.com/tv?merch_location=Product%20Detail%20You%20May%20Also%20Like


and a book on Animation: http://www.klutz.com/animation?merch_location=Search%20Results%20Listing


and a download for stop animation: http://video.klutz.com/animation/


We haven't used these personally but they look great. I think there was a recc. for the animation book on the forum.

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