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Do you get temporary "dyslexia" when you're tired?

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I've often had this problem when I'm tired. I'll reverse things like "b" and "d" (sorry, Audrey, you're not Aubrey). ;)


The other thing that happens when I'm very tired is that I stutter. I never do this otherwise. Once, when I dated a man who was a stutterer, we were staying up very late and I started to stutter. He was so upset, and wouldn't believe that I just do that when I'm tired.


Anyone else wired like this? (Or do I mean weird like this?) :lol:

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I start to slur my words when I get overtired. When just tired or even distracted, I tend to reverse numbers but letters don't bother me.


Yes, I do this with numbers, too, mostly when I'm tired.


I used to work at a library as a shelver. I wonder if that's why no one could find the books.... :lol:

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When I get tired - like right now - it's much harder to focus my eyes on something semi-distant like the TV (though it's all of five feet away). My eyes want to each point straight ahead rather than at points much closer together as they should. In short, I should have had VT for the same problem my dd had that is now fixed ;).

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