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Perimenopause, mid-cycle bleeding/spotting, & hormone levels

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I don't want to go into the yucky details, but ... Which would be a likely cause for mid-cycle bleeding/spotting during perimenopause: low estrogen or low progesterone? Or is it more complicated than that?


It's likely a bit more complicated. I had those symptoms and it was endometriosis which is typically caused by low progesterone.

You could see if a naturopath will describe some bio-identical Progesterone and if something improves.

It would be well worth to check in with one to see what other possible causes this may have or just how to alleviate these pesky perimenopausal symptoms.

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Low progesterone. I may not be in perimenopause (but then again, I might be...can't tell and I am pretty young yet...but so were others in my family), but I have had 3 years of the bleeding/spotting in about 10 million various forms. I had all the tests and all results were fine. It is hormones and the dr put me on progesterone. He gave me the pills and they made my cycle even worse. It was too much and the timing of me taking it was never right because my cycle changes around about every other month.


So...I am little help, but I can sympathize. It is maddening!

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I'm not sure it's mid-cycle bleeding/spotting or if I'm just having frequent light periods. I haven't had a normal period since October, just brownish or reddish brown spotting (sorry; I know that's TMI!) about every 2 weeks, lasting about a week or so. It's pretty maddening after years of extremely regular cycles. Things have gradually gotten more and more whacky over the past couple of years. I thought about getting some progesterone cream to try, but I didn't want to make the problem worse.

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Since you are 50, you could put it down to pretty normal menopausal variations. You could try progesterone cream though- I have searched high and low and not found any evidence of harm from using it, particularly short term. A few months or so.

But, its pretty normal for women to get irregularities as they go through menopause, even if they have been regular all along.

You coudl also try some sort of herbal supplement to help ease you through the next couple of years.

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