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The future is now! AT&T predicted the future (mostly)!

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Guest RecumbentHeart

Reminds me of a conversation I had with DH recently when out of the blue I recalled way back when the idea of video phone was futuristic and it suddenly dawned on me, "Oh cr*p, it already happened and I totally missed the future coming upon us." I mean .. the futuristic stuff coming about is supposed to be exciting, isn't it? It seems exciting when you're looking ahead. It just seems that when it actually happens I'm so "meh .. whatever" that I don't even bother to think "meh .. whatever".

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Bad reporting in the article. Military personnel DO carry their medical histories in their wallets. Pretty amazing technology, all of it.


LOL, you beat me to it.


One of our AFN (American Forces Network) channels played all of the Back to the Future movies on NY Eve and Indy watched part of the 2nd and 3rd ones. James Bond and I were laughing because the "future" in the 2nd movie is only 4 years away. We want to know where our flying cars, auto fitting and drying clothes, quick dehydrating pizza and Jaws 17 are. As Cubs fans, we're also super excited to see that they will FINALLY be winning the World Series in a few years. :lol:

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