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Juicing...Got a juicer for Christmas!

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Our oldest ds gave us a juicer! I am so excited and love it. I really want to do this to be more healthy and my dd (adhd/pdd) is really liking this. She was sick yesterday with vomiting but today she drank a carrot/pear/ginger/spinach smoothie and loved it! Even my ds (13) drank a carrot/orange banana smoothie yesterday; he dislikes smoothies.


So, how many times a day do you juice? We of course will still eat regular food but I'm so glad the kids don't care that spinach is going into their body. ;)


For myself, how would you go about juicing for a little weight loss and health benefit? (about 10 to 20 lbs). I do walk on a treadmill. I also like to try raw foods. ..Trying to get most of us away from desserts with flours in them...


Oh, I also got a 14 cup food processor and a new blender...I never had a f.p. only a 2 cup f.p. :tongue_smilie:


Oops! I didn't see the other post about the green smoothie! That sounds very good, though.

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Yay for you! How nice of your son to give you such a thoughtful present!


At the moment I am not juicing, but hope to get back into it soon! We did for probably a year straight off after getting ours, then we went away for 7 weeks holiday overseas last year, and never got it out again. I told my dh yesterday that I'll start juicing again. He, in particular, loves it, and always would feel less energetic on the odd day that I would miss juicing.

We would only do 1x day, in the morning - but I will probably do late afternoon now, as the mornings are too hectic.


For weight loss, I don't really know - the juices will probably not make as much difference as cutting out refined carbs/sugars. Also probably don't go overboard on fruit in your juices. Veges are going to have less sugars.


If I can remember right, my juice recipe (with variations according to fridge contents) used to be - 10 carrots, 1 beetroot (this makes it very yummy - everyone would notice if this was missing), beetroot leaves, 1 zucchini, 1 lemon (peeled), 1 orange (peeled), 2 apples, 1/4 cabbage, any green leaves.


There are so many different ways to enjoy them - your family will probably let you know the right combinations! Have fun with it....

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Also forgot to add that we used the pulp produced to make a health cookie, which everyone enjoyed.

I wouldn't use all the pulp, and I would remove the very fibrous bits like the lemon pulp.. then add some ground up oats, chopped dates or raisins, (both can be done in your new food processor!;-), maybe some honey. Just go by feel as to the quantities of each...it should be able to be dropped off the tablespoon onto a baking sheet. Bake for 15/20 minutes. They won't rise or spread.

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