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What's the difference between D.I.V.E. cd's and Saxon Teacher cd's?


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We have never used DIVE so I can't compare. However we really like the Saxon teacher cds. I let my daughter watch samples of both and she helped with the decision. She liked that the teacher talked slower and was able to keep up while doing the practice problems with her. I like that it will work you through every problem in both the lessons and the tests. I have her watch the introduction to each lesson, work through the practice problems with the cd. Then she completes the lesson on her own. She brings her work to me to check. Any problems she misses we go over together or she watches the problem being taught on the cd. We have used a few math programs and this has worked the best by far. For us they are well worth the money even if we have to buy them brand new.

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It's been a couple years since we switched form the DIVE CD-ROM to Saxon Teacher, but if I remember correctly DIVE very briefly introduced the lesson and went over the examples.


The Saxon Teacher works out every single problem for each lesson and test.


Having used both. . .we much prefer Saxon Teacher. IMHO, it's worth the price difference even though we only refer to it when/if there's something dd is stuck on or isn't grasping in the lesson.

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