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dd13 had an Algebra melt-down today

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Didn't see that coming!


She's been working on Keys to Algebra, but I told her today that I wanted her to take a look at my Introductory Algebra textbook from college. Maybe that is what freaked her out - that it was a college book. So, I was working on this pretty simple equation, except that it had fractions (and yeah, those are kinda a pain) and she dissolved. She sobbed that "It's so much pressure to be good at all this high math before high school!" :001_huh:


Okay, for real, the Mom in my Brain was saying, "HA! You think this is pressure? Nobody here is even grading you or giving you finals!" But I really just tried to reassure her that it's no pressure, we'll get where we need to be, don't worry about it, we'll work through the book, I know you can learn this, it seems intimidating, but you'll find it's not so bad, yadayadayada...:nopity:


Sheesh! Poor thing. But, sheesh! I'm sure there's a cycle-end around here any minute...

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Sounds like it was too big of a jump for her?


I think it looked that way to her. It wasn't brand-new things she's never seen before, but I think it wigged her out that it was this serious-looking big book. And she's going to private school next year and so I think she's a little freaked out about that already, so it maybe just all seemed a little to "real" for her.

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Algebra, 13 year old, melt down, weeping and gnashing of teeth...yep BTDT. Monday was a killer; however, yesterday ds did his math without any drama at all....pure bliss. Should have known it wouldn't last! Today, I am ready to give him away.


I think all of the drama is in place of zombie staring. Ds wouldn't act like this in a classroom of thirty kids, he'd just stare ahead in some sort of catatonic state.



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Algebra + 13 = meltdowns + whine


Algebra + 40 year old mom = meltdowns + wine





Another 13 & 40 year old here having fits with Algebra this week. It's our first week back after Christmas break, and we're both feeling a little stupid. :tongue_smilie:


It'll be okay. Eventually. ;)

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