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any preliminary funnix reviews?

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First impressions anyone?


I've tried it with both DDs with mixed results. DD1 didn't care for it, but that's okay. She's doing it anyway :D Supergirl can decode quite well (solidly mid 2nd grade), but needs to build up her confidence in actual reading. Reading is boring. blah, blah, blah. So. We will continue through Funnix 2.


DD2 sort of likes it - until she doesn't. We'll continue, and I think as she gets used to how the lessons go she'll like it more.


We'll definitely be continuing on with Happy Phonics as well.


Anyone else?

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So far I think it is okay. My newly six year old that is still learning how to read thinks it is okay so far. I've read through the teacher manual and based on her placement test she began at lesson 40 today, which we completed. I found the lady to be obnoxious and the "get ready" is really annoying to me. But we'll keep at it for awhile and see how it goes. My daughter didn't seem to mind it.


Overall I think it is a good program, all though quirky that has really outdated animation and graphics. I was a little surprised, especially considering the file size how bad the animation and graphics were. I guess I am used to things like starfall and readingeggs. I would be mad if I paid $250 for it but it is an excellent resource to try/use for free.

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I began yesterday at Lesson 1 with my 5 year old and today we did Lesson 2. He's doing well with it and seems to like it well enough. He's been resistant to anything "school" up to this point so I delayed K until next fall, but he loves the computer and computer games, and since this seems as much like a computer game as anything else, he was willing to come over and check it out, and it did engage him.


So far, so good! We'll just keep at it as long as he's willing, and if he becomes resistant, I'll stop- I don't want to put pressure on him, I'd like it to be fun.

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My dd does not like it. She feels it "talks down to her". She says she much prefers my homemade mix of various phonics resources. At least I only downloaded the first 40 lessons! We did try skipping ahead and she still didn't like it.


My son does not like it either. I downloaded Funnix 2, and he felt it went too slow. He does not have the patience for it. :glare:

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