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(Deluxe Golden) The Human Body book

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I just wanted to say how much we are enjoying this book. We just read a chapter and discuss. I draw diagrams on the dry-erase board and label. My little guy makes a drawing of his own on some copy paper, then writes several sentences about what he's learned for the day on the back.


We have been having some very nice discussions, and have found that it goes much deeper than the topic at hand. I love how such a beautiful book is adding to our science study.

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Love it too. So many neat old science books. Even if they do occasionally wax poetic about the greatness of cocaine and asbestos!


In regards to the expression "wax poetic". The first time I ever heard this was in the movie Walk the Line; June said it to Johnny Cash. The second time I heard it was this comment by stripe. Funny the things you never heard of before. Anyway...I couldn't help but say something about it. I hope to some day use those words in a sentence. :001_smile:

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