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Does anyone make a pourable, gluten-free pot pie crust?

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I only recently heard about the pourable Bisquick pot pie topping method. I can't use Bisquick, so I'm wondering if I can do this with my Pamela's all-purpose mix (the one I use to make biscuits). Has anyone done this? Or does anyone have their own recipe for this kind of thing? I usually do a drop-biscuit style topping, but it was a bit too thick last time. I'm afraid to just go ahead and thin it out for fear it will just sink into the filling!


If you do this, can you tell me how, or point me in the direction of a recipe?



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Guest Dulcimeramy
I can't help you with that recipe but if you want a pie crust that you roll out and it works well for pot pie, I can post that.


:bigear: Please do!

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This comes from GlutenFreeGirl.com It is her pumpkin pie crust recipe.


If I am making pot pie I cook the bottom shell for about 10 minutes before adding in the mix. The big trick is to keep it cold and make sure you use the saran wrap when rolling it out. I think I used regular white rice the last time I made it b/c I didn't have any sweat rice.




Now, there are ways to make an excellent gluten-free crust without buying a mix. And I’m certain that I’ll be doing that soon too. But sometimes, buying all the individual flours, plus the xantham gum, can be a little spendy. However, if you have them in your house already, or you want to make the investment, here’s the recipe that Melissa from Traveler’s Lunchbox left me in the comments yesterday. It looks fabulous, and it comes originally from here.


1/2 cup tapioca flour

1 cup sweet rice flour

1/2 cup cornstarch

1/4 cup potato starch flour

1 rounded tsp xanthan gum

1/2 tsp salt

dash sugar optional

1/2 cup margarine

1/2 cup butter flavored crisco

1 egg cold

1 Tblsp. GF vinegar

4 tablespoons of ice water

sweet rice flour for rolling


Blend together the flours, xanthan gum, salt, and sugar. Cut in the margarine and Crisco in small dabs until you have shortening the size of lima beans (not cornmeal).


Beat the egg using a fork; add the vinegar and ice water. Stir into the flour mixture, forming a ball. You may knead this a bit, since rice flour crusts can stand handling. Refrigerate the dough for an hour or more to chill.


Divide dough and roll out on a sweet rice-floured board (or on floured plastic wrap, for easier handling). Place in a pie tin. If using plastic wrap, remove it to the pie tin and invert the dough into the pan. Shape before removing the plastic. Bake as directed for the filling used.


For a baked crust, prick the pastry with a fork on sides and botton. Bake the crust in a pre-heated 450 oven for 10 – 12 minutes, or until slightly browned. Cool before filling. Makes enough pastry for a 2-crust 9″ pie plus 1 pie shell.

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This recipe is different from the usual pot pie, but it is fabulous! It uses flour for thickening the sauce, but that can be substituted. (don't know if all of the ingredients, like mustard, are gluten free, as I've just started reading about gf/cf...)


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