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Imaginary portfolio review.

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We are new homeschoolers this year and have yet to do a portfolio review. I have told my 5yo that I am saving some of her work to show "people from the state" so that they will know that we are doing a good job with school.


This morning we were in the middle of a science experiment involving ice. Alex picked up the data sheet where I was recording our predictions and observations.


"I'm going to be the person from the state," she said. She studied the data sheet carefully, and then said, in a snooty voice, "I do not see any reason why children should learn anything about ice."


I stayed in character as the humble homeschooling mother and started to explain the rationale for the experiment.


"There is no reason why children should melt ice," she lectured me, still in the silly voice. "Children do not need to know anything about science."


She wasn't sending a message about the project, because she was a very enthusiastic participant. I think it's so funny that she pictures our review that way. (This is where other Maryland parents should jump in and tell me that it won't be that way in actuality. :lol: )

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That's so funny. Obviously, I'm not in MD, but I have a lot of friends there and none of them have ever said they had an outright bad portfolio review. I'm sure it happens, but I always tell people about how this unschoolish friend of mine went through the whole review and then at the end, the reviewer said something like, "So, sounds great. Just next time, if you could bring some written samples for math of any kind, that would be good." :lol:


Things like that always make me wake up to how much even when I'm trying not to, my own prejudices and fears totally get into my kids. And with homeschooling, I don't think I'm trying very hard to let them make their own informed decisions.

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