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Bearded dragon owners, bloody stool?

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My bearded dragon just had a very bloody stool. Otherwise, he looks fine and happy. We replaced the light bulbs a few days ago, and it's not as warm in the tank as usual. I'm going to replace the bulb today, but am wondering if it's possible that he's not digesting well because he's not warm enough?



Or should I just take him to the vet now? We've had him for 9 years and he hasn't been sick once. He's never been to the vet.


What else could it be? I wouldn't think he'd have parasites.

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If he isn't digesting well, then maybe he had to strain harder than normal? I hope that is all that it is, and that he is back to normal soon! Our beardie just went to sleep for a long winter nap. We got her around this time last year so this is a first for us. I hope she wakes up fine and happy someday!

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