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Teaching Textbooks vs. Math Mammoth

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I'm looking at both of these to use with my ds10 and dd11. We were using RS but it just isn't getting done and my dc don't seem to like it. I want to switch to something that they can do by themselves. I'm looking into a more teacher intensive history program so I really need to free up some time where I can. Math seems to be the one subject I wouldn't mind my dc working on by themselves. Besides the price, for those of you who have used both, which do you prefer? I like TT because it seems more visual and I think it would work well for my ds10 who is a slow learner. Others who have used one or the other are welcome to give their reviews as well. Thanks!

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We use both TT & MM blue (along with Singapore and others). This hybrid approach works well here. I don't try and align the lessons.


Take the placement test for TT. Dd6 is doing TT3. Dd7 is finishing up TT4 soon.


I love the MM approach. Maria is a genius. You can't go wrong blending the 2 programs, imho. (Or, in my case, 3+ programs) :)


Although TT is 'independent' -- as well as MM (written to the student) -- mom/dad still need to be intimately involved with math instruction...daily. :)

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We tried TT for a month and then returned it. We went back to MM. I think MM gives better explanations. You might want to look at CLE math (Chrisian Light Education) as another independent option. We use MM and CLE (different kids). I like them both. MM is mastery approach and CLE is spiral.


Gently, I caution against letting math be wholly independent. If things go poorly in math it is much more difficult to get back on track than if things go awry with history. :) Even though we use two programs that are worktext in format (instructions are written to the student), I still check in with them frequently. :)

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