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weighing grades forms?? to calculate GPA....Help

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I have been searching for forms on the web re: keeping grades. I found Donna Young form the grader (the one you can print and write in or use her XL grader that will figure out the average for you). I am leaning more to the paper fill in kind since I weigh the grades. I know how to calulate the gpa so do not really need help in that area but my question is is there a form out there that is easily used in keeping track of grades with weighing in mind and calculating GPA??


If not then I will use the fill in paper grader from Donna Young and use each line for the weight part.





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I'm just using a workbook in Excel. I set up a spreadsheet for each subject so I can calculate my own weighted averages by subject. If you know Excel, it's fairly easy to do. If you don't have Excel, I think you can download a similar spreadsheet program free from http://www.openoffice.org.


Hope this helps,





Thanks! That is what I will have to do then. :001_smile: I will have hubby help me figure out the formula for excel to tabulate for me. Otherwise I will just do it by hand and then have it on paper. I prefer both ways. Thanks!!



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