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Wordless Wednesday Anyone? 1/5/11

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My wordless Wednesday is up. We are trying to learn how to identify bird's nests. This is a pic of the nest in our little dogwood tree out front. One of the frustrating things about this is how hard it is to get up close. I tried to print out the picture enlarged but photo gallery keeps locking up on me, so I figured I'd stick it on my blog. Anyone out there know how to id bird's nests? The birds we see in our yard are usually cardinals, sparrows and mourning doves.


Link is in my signature.



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Ours is up. Link is in the sig. I actually posted it yesterday because I thought it was Wednesday already! I have a hard time truly being wordless so I had to put a little explanation in the comments. :D


ETA: I'm not able to comment on many of the blogs because I don't use any of the listed ids. I really like the ones that allow the name and url to be entered with the comment. I've learned to check the profiles available before typing out a comment, but I'd really love to comment on them all.

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