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Anyone with a soldier in Iraq or Afganistan?

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My little brother just left for Iraq the day after Christmas and I'd like to send him a surprise care package. If you have a loved one overseas in Iraq or Afganistan, are there things they like to receive? Anything they miss most?



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My daughter and her husband had different experiences in Iraq, depending on where they were during that deployment. At some places they have pretty much everything in the world available to them, and at other places it is tough to get anything. I guess it would be best to find out which kind of place your loved one is in and go from there.

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  • Baby wipes
  • Cotton swabs
  • Snacks (I would usually do one large care package per month and load it with full-size packages of his favorite snacks, enough to last for one month - chips, cookies, chewing gum, candy, crackers, etc0
  • Single serve drink mixes (the ones you add to water bottles, like)Crystal Light)
  • Themed packages around the holidays (Easter basket, mini Christmas tree, Valentine goody bag, etc)
  • Playing cards, dice, other small games
  • Drawings, letters, cards, photos, etc. from family members


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