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MPAH (Singapore science) -- HELP! I need help organizing this!


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A while ago, several people posted about how they use the MPAH Singapore science materials, and some of them commented about how they use it with BFSU, level 2.


I have BFSU, level 2 and I ordered the Diversity unity for MPAH. I have the activity book, something that just says, "Diversity" (I think this may be the base text), the Higher Order Thinking Skills, the Homework, and the Tests. Now I just need to figure out how to use it. If you use this, could you please chime in about the order in which you use the various components?


Also, those of you who also use BFSU, are there parts of it that match up well with the Diversity unit? Would you recommend using some of BFSU first? After?


I'm a bit lost with all of this. I ordered it because I needed something for science that I could use with my DS after my plans of having DH do science fell through. I'd love any feedback about how you've used it and how it's worked!



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I'm no help with the BFSU - but I am using MPH.


You'd start with the Diversity text (yup - the book that just says Diversity). Read it, use it as a springboard into reading any other books, looking at websites, etc.


Do the Activities in the Activity book (or what you can of them). I'm at the point where I don't line it up when the text has Activity with the arrow... we'll just do them along with the text chapter and when it feels right.


Then do the Homework (probably with referring to the text as needed).


Then the HOTS.


Then the tests. There's a test for each chapter, then larger tests periodically.

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