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How to determine if son has visual processing issue? (x-post)

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My ds, 8, is an avid reader and is reading several grade levels beyond his own. So I can't imagine he has a visual processing issue...but he REALLY struggles with tasks that involve ordering individual letters.


For instance, he CAN'T do word searches...can't find the words, gets very frustrated if he has to try as part of his spelling. Certain spelling tasks frustrate him to tears...this morning, he spent 40 minutes trying to select and order 20 list words by consonant digraph ("list the words where the two consonants form the 'n' sound"...and the words are all on the left side of the page). I finally had him stop because he was crying so hard (he completed 15 of them). Scrabble is easy for him, as long an the number of letters he has does not exceed 8 or so. He also can NOT do puzzles...even the border pieces confuse him.


He spells fairly well, but it is easier for him to spell words verbally than in writing.


This is not a huge issue, since it impacts so few of our daily tasks and he is reading so well, but I'm really starting to wonder if something more is going on. I don't even know how to go about finding out if he does have an issue.


What says the hive?

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An OT can quickly test him for visual processing issues.


It sounds like he might have something going on. Does he see double sometimes, or do the letters or words seem to wiggle or move around? Does he rub his eyes a lot when he reads or does word searches? Does he tip his head to one side or "look down his nose" or peer at papers in a slightly odd way? Do his eyes get tired, or does he get headaches when he reads or does close-up work?


Does he have any "reversals" meaning that he either writes some letters backward a lot, or writes letters/numbers bottom-to-top, or right-to-left? Letters should be written left-to-right, top-to-bottom. (Ask me how I know... ds has visual issues. ;-)


If the answer to any of these is "yes," he might have something visual going on.



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