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Little Pilgrim's Progress....hands-on project?

Beth in SW WA

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Does anyone have a link to a lapbook or a project based on this version by Helen Taylor?


This book is delightful for children. My dds are loving it. The symbolism is wonderful. Very enlightening for all of us.


I am inspired to read the original. Starting tonight. :)


This study guide from RR looks wonderful.


I would love to buy this audio version.


Thankfully we have the Focus On The Family Adventure in Odyssey version of it on an old cassette. :)


I'm compiling a list of resources and I'd love a hands-on project.


Thank you in advance for any ideas!!

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Dd7 is reading it to herself. I am reading it to dd6. It is perfect for this age. They totally understand the symbolism. Dd7 has a profound understanding of Scripture, God, Jesus, Satan, sin, angels, etc.


She reads her little Picture Bible for hours. I have to make her put it down to do schoolwork.


So LPP is right up her alley. She gets it. :)


I think LPP would be great for young ones -- with or without prior 'religious' exposure. The story is fantastic and pulls you in from the first page.

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